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Here are a few tips/ideas for new players on learning more about AO and getting help from other players. First of all i really recommend that you read the game's story and manual found in the AO official page begginer's guide, it will help you a lot in understanding the game better.

When going to a new area in the game, (like the icc backyard) you should explore! and talk to all the npcs that wanna chat with you, they are probably willing to give you a mission or quest!  If you need to ask other players for help, please dont use caps! and dont demand help like they HAVE to give you an answer, you will probably just be ignored.  Read the other questions asked, so the same question doesnt get asked all the time. We were all new to this game once and understand that ppl need to ask stuff :) just be nice when you do and you will probably find someone willing to help you. :)

Another thing I recommend doing is reading the AO official forums regularly, specially when needing help, also the forums of sites like Anarchy Arcanum and SL/AI Library, and the profession specific forums where you can usually find guides on how to spend ip's wisely, perks etc.

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