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To make the salamander vest you will need the following items:

Antonio's Adaptation Factory+rollerrat intestines=Gut Bowstring+swatch of salamander skin=Salamander Vest

You have to buy the adaptation factory from Vendor Antonio Stacklund, you will find him close to manager molen, it costs 512 creds. The rollerrat intestines you get from the rollerrats at the beach, and the skin from reef salamanders.

Ok, after you have everything, you first need to use the adaptation factory on the intestines, you get a gut bowstring, combine it with the salamander skin and you get a salamander vest!

Here are the stats for the vest:

Strength from 30
Agility from 30
Chemical AC 120
Cold AC 40
Energy AC 40
Fire AC 40
Melee/ma AC 40
Disease AC 120
Imp/Proj AC 40
Radiation AC 40
Max Nano 40
Run Speed 20
First Aid 10


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