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Doctor Brandon Thorn

Standing there by the shore you will find Doctor Brandon Thorn, when you talk to him ask him if he needs help and he will tell you that first you need to get to know the wildlife, and give you a mission to find the following creatures:

Beach Leet, Island Reet, Surf Lizard and Shore Snake

they are nearby, all you need to do is target them, after you find all the creatures, go back to him, and tell him that you have found them. He will then give you a light bar as a reward, and ask you if you can find monster parts, say that you will and he will tell you to kill one of each creature that you just found. In the same order. Once you kill them go to him again, and he will give you Blackmane's belt component platform. And ask if you found any parts, he will then tell you to come back with six monster parts, if you do he will give you a first aid kit.  He wont give any more missions, you can return many times for the kits, but the light bar and belt are unique items so you can only have one.


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